Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I started this a week ago and I've been too busy to finish it or post it! Sheesh! We also have made the decision to see how long we can go without cable tv or internet at our new home because we already pay for it at the office one mile away and we're only home and awake like 3 hours max per day. Surely we can get by on DVDs, the Wii, Xbox and books. Which speaking of books I've become addicted to Twilight (yes I'm really late on the bandwagon...) Anyway here are my "8 things" Lists:

8 Things I Did Today…
1. Had Rachael Wise of Cymbidium Photography come take pictures of us and the office for LIVING magazine.
2. Edited the article the writer wrote for the magazine.
3. Heated up leftover cheesy spaghetti for lunch.
4. Complained about being cold.
5. Decided I could in fact wear ankle boots with a dress...I realized I was behind the times when I went shopping for myself yesterday for the first time in I can't remember how long.
6. Prepared drawings for a planning and zoning submittal.
7. Read blogs and realized I'd been tagged by Laurie.
8. Got up at 7am and looked out the window after hearing a woman's voice convinced she was in a domestic dispute...but no one was there when I looked outside...still wondering what I heard.

8 Of My Favorite Restaurants…
1. Cheesecake Factory
2. Chili's
3. La Madeline
4. The Homeplace in Abilene
5. Uncle Julio's
6. Perini Ranch in Buffalo Gap
7. Spring Creek BBQ
8. Bellini's in Dallas (just for the bread...mmm)

8 Shows I Watch(ed)…
1. The Office
2. Dallas Cowboys football Games
3. Everybody Loves Raymond
4. Jon & Kate Plus 8
5. Real World anything...
6. Whatever stupid reality show happens to be on (Sunset Tan, Keeping up with the Kardashians, Real Housewives, The Hills, etc.)
7. We actually don't have cable right now...so I'm having a hard time remembering what I like haha

8 Things I Wish For…
1. Bryan's practice to be successful
2. My friends and family to always have happiness
3. A King size bed
4. To create a fake bad wardrobe and get myself on What Not to Wear so I can get the $5,000 worth of clothes haha
5. That the news would be positive and not so "doom and gloom" all the time
6. That I would find the time to exercise more...or at all as it's been going lately
7. More hours in the day
8. That I was a little bit taller, a baller, had a rabbit in a hat with a bat...

8 Things I Look Forward To…
1. Having our new home all set up
2. Spending more time with my family now that we live closer
3. Summertime...warm weather and beach vacations!!
4. Having more time to spend with friends and relax
5. Someday having my own little family (don't get excited...I'm waiting til I'm not needed to work 60+ hours per week before I bring another person into this world!)
6. Reading in the bathtub at night
7. Sleep
8. Seeing anyone I haven't seen in awhile :)

8 People I tag: Tiffany, Bonnie, Emily, and anyone else that hasn't already been tagged by this.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Humiliation Chronicles Numero Tres

In order to move on from my last post I've decided to revert back to embarrassing stories about myself....

My whole life I have LOVED going to church camp. The first camp I went to was ACU Learning to Lead when I was in second grade. It was so great! After that week I got a chalk board for my bedroom at home that would have a daily and weekly countdown until the next time I got to go to camp. It got to where people at church would ask "How many days?" and I'd be able to say "237 days" immediately without hesitation.

There was really only one time when I was about 12 that I didn't just love a camp session. I definitely enjoyed my time there, but it wasn't the same as the other camps I had been to. This session was extremely conservative. The other girls I came with and I were the only ones who hadn't packed for "knee length" shorts only if you catch my drift. I also didn't realize that I would need to wear a t-shirt over my swimsuit during girls swim time...fear of fostering lesbianism I assume.

At this camp there were only 4 showers for 3 bunks of girls...so about 60 girls were sharing 4 showers. Towards the middle of the week we decided to get up extra early so we wouldn't have to wait in line for our showers. The way the showers were arranged was two on each side of the bathroom with a bench in between for waiting. They had those magnetic glass doors on them that everyone would hang their towel over so the group waiting wasn't getting a peep show.

While I was in the shower a group of 8 or so girls had formed waiting on their turn. This group included my friend Julie. Somehow as I bent down to shave my leg I lost my balance and fell towards the shower door. Instead of the door breaking my fall it swung open and I flopped down naked right in the middle of the group of girls and watched as my Skintimate shaving cream rolled across the bathroom.

My first response was to laugh hysterically. We were a very comfortable in our own skin kind of group...then as I lay laughing, wet, and naked on the disgusting floor I realized I was the only one laughing. I don't think the other girls had ever seen someone naked...including themselves. So I gathered my dignity as best I could and crawled back into the shower...while saying "Julie, could you get me my shaving cream?"