Monday, May 11, 2009

Wilderness Trek

Last Sunday night Bryan and I decided to go on a walk around 6:45pm. We had a movie to return so we walked up to Blockbuster (we can practically see Blockbuster from our porch) and then we walked through a neighborhood and up to the new Byron Nelson High School. We peeked in some windows and I have to say the school is awesome! I almost...ALMOST...wish I were 14 and going to school there next year. Everything is going to be so beautiful! They really took advantage of the natural landscape and created a big fountain area and a courtyard with outdoor walkways connecting the two large buildings.

Anyway...I'm now getting to the "Wilderness" part of our trek. Adjacent to the new high school is a large section of new home developments coming in. We noticed that there was a little creek with a concrete sidewalk that had been built behind these new subdivisions. We started walking down the path and we were really enjoying ourselves. Before we knew it we had been walking for about half an hour and the sun was starting to set. We figured it couldn't be much further til we came out the other side of this little path and made it back to the main road. the distance...I saw something looking at me. And by "in the distance" I mean across a small pond. There he stood...Mr. Coyote. Just as I slowed down and pointed him out to Bryan he lifted his head and stared straight at us. He then turn and slowly walked with his head down back into some trees (which were right next to the path mind you).

So we did what any other normal people would do...we each picked up large wooden stakes that were along the path holding up a fence to use as weapons if necessary. It was starting to get dark and we'd already gone too far to know if it would be faster to turn around or keep going. So we decided to pick up our pace to a jog (while holding the wooden stakes). This "little jog" went on for at least a mile when we then saw a family of deer up ahead on the path. There was a doe, a buck, and a fawn (I think it's called a fawn). We stopped running and stood there staring at them while all three of them just stared right back at us. Then we picked up running again and all the deer took off.

Finally we came upon a little family with a stroller (so we hurried and dropped the know to play it cool). We told them about the coyote and the deer and they asked if that's why we were running. I said we thought it was getting dark and we were trying to get back to the main road. They said their mom lived in a house just up the road and that's why they were out there. We rejoiced that we were finally back to civilization.

Then we saw the little house out in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE! We started back into our jog down the longest dirt driveway I've ever seen! We finally made it to the main road where we slowed back down to a walk! By the time we got home it was after 9:00 and we were both blistered and sore!

Because I'm a nerd here's a map of the path we took! It was actually a lot of fun...I just think next time we'll come prepared with better weaponry! Or maybe take a bike instead of going on foot.

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Mel said...

The same sort of thing happened to my brother-in-law near a new housing development except he was on a bike. Imagine a 250 lb. firefighter getting scared of the coyote and taking off as fast as he could on his bike. It still makes me laugh when I think about it. I love that the family saw you running and asked if that's why you were running. What? Normal people don't run through the woods???